Author Doug Peterson has published 72 books, including five historical novels and more than 40 books for the popular VeggieTales series. When he first made the switch from children’s books to adult novels, the burning question, raised by best-selling author, Eric Wilson, was: “Could the author, a man connected to VeggieTales, pull off a credible and gripping full-length novel, one set over 160 years ago and involving no animated characters?”

Wilson’s conclusion: “Absolutely!”

Doug’s passion for writing can be traced back to grade school, when he ran his own media empire, publishing the monthly Peterson Popper magazine and The Weekly Waste newspaper (with a circulation of 3). He wrote and bound dozens of his own books, including such classics as Journey to the Center of a Swimming Pool and In Cold Ketchup (real titles). Judging by the titles of his children’s books (The Slobfather), some scientists believe his mind became locked in the fourth grade.

Doug graduated in journalism from the University of Illinois in 1977 and did a short stint as the editor of a small Wisconsin weekly newspaper. (Their motto: “This is Wisconsin, so we pay you in cheese.”) Fearing that he might be forced to root for the Packers, Doug and his wife returned to the University of Illinois in 1979, where he began work as a science writer and half-time freelance writer.

Doug has a love for history, so he made the transition to historical novels with The Disappearing Man, published by Bay Forest Books in 2011 and chosen by Canton, Ohio, for its One Book, One Community programHis other four novels are: The Puzzle People, The Vanishing Woman, The Lincoln League, and most recently, The Tubman Train. The Disappearing Man and The Vanishing Woman are both Amazon best-sellers.

Here are some other highlights along the path of Doug’s career:

  • Co-storywriter for the best-selling VeggieTales video, Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed
  • Winner of the 2004 Gold Medallion Award for the best Christian preschool children’s book of the year
  • Author of a VeggieTales “pillow book,” The Good, the Bad, and the Silly
  • Author of over 500 stories and articles published in more than 15 magazines
  • Author of “The Career of Horville Sash,” the popular short story made into a music video starring Grammy-winner Jennifer Warnes
  • Creator of the Secret Agent Worm science series for the University of Illinois
  • Columnist for The Wittenburg Door humor magazine during the 1980s and ’90s
  • Co-writer of six comic books in the “Legends of Lightfall” series
  • Co-writer of Roman Ruins, part of the best-selling line of mystery games, How to Host a Murder