ComedianI am thrilled to announce that a New York film and television company has purchased the screenplay of The Disappearing Man, with the goal of bringing Henry “Box” Brown’s story to the screen.

Many people have told me that my novels read like movies, so it is only fitting that Henry’s story may be heading for film. The company, mouseROAR, is a highly creative studio that produced the acclaimed Jerry Seinfeld documentary Comedian and over a dozen Super Bowl commercials. They also produce Seinfeld’s online hit, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In each episode, Jerry Seinfeld drives around with a different comic trading banter in a car specially selected to match the guest’s personality. After they drive around a bit, they stop somewhere for coffee and more talk. Essentially, it’s a talk show on wheels and in restaurant booths.

The folks at mouseROAR have hit the ground running on The Disappearing Man, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

As the mouseROAR website puts it: “Henry Brown’s story, quite simply, must be told. It is a significant part of the birth of modern America. And our expression of hope, faith, and a timely reminder that slavery is a bigger issue today than it has ever been–with a reported 30,000,000 people currently enslaved globally.”

I’ll keep you posted.

By Doug Peterson

Check out the mouseROAR website



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